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About Me

Passionate Sports Marketing Specialist

Leigh is a seasoned marketing copywriter and editor, with over a decade of industry experience in SEO, blog creation, research, and editing.

Armed with academic expertise and a love for the game, Leigh launched a career that combined these elements seamlessly. She started by writing blogs for sports companies and historical bios on professional athletes. As she progressed, her passion for marketing and copywriting surfaced, prompting her to pursue further training in digital marketing and SEO, which led her to her current role, as founder of her own boutique sports marketing company.

Leigh’s work continually strives to merge the exhilarating world of sports with the persuasive power of written communication. As an editor, her eye for detail and commitment to clarity have played crucial roles in refining content, maintaining brand consistency, and ultimately driving increased engagement and sales. Leigh’s creative prowess and ability to deliver effective messages have made her a sought-after name in the industry.

Freelance Sports Marketing Specialist - Austin, TX

Leigh holds multiple degrees including an MBA, MA in Sports Management and a Google Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Certification. Leigh is also a certified Copy Writer through the Sarah Turner Agency. Her education combined with love of sports makes her an amazing marketing specialist to help solve your marketing needs.

"Leigh can only be described as a highly motivated and enthusiastic person. Her positive attitude and giving personality encourage those around her to succeed."

Natalie - Houston, TX

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